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5 reasons why employers should consider career fairs for the academic year 2023-24

Nora Blackie
8 Sept 2023

With the graduate recruitment landscape gradually regaining stability and approaching a semblance of the “new normal” following the pandemic, now is a good time as ever to consider the use of career fairs as a strategic component of your upcoming graduate hunt.

During the pandemic, the country’s leading employers experienced a considerable setback, witnessing a 12% drop in the hiring of expected graduates. In response, marketing efforts were shifted from physical, on-site events to online platforms, to varying degrees of success.

However, we are beginning to see a rise and a return to the “norm”. Leading employers have not only rebounded but have exceeded expectations by hiring 3,500 more graduates in 2022 than initially projected. Consequently, in-person events and career fairs have re-emerged as pivotal tools in the recruitment arsenal, garnering praise from many top employers who have found these gatherings to be very successful.

So, here are five reasons why you should consider incorporating career fairs into your recruitment strategy for the next academic year:

1. Connect with a vibrant talent pool

Career fairs provide an avenue to establish direct connections with a diverse and enthusiastic pool of potential graduates, allowing you to tap into fresh talent.

Almost half of the UK’s leading employers said they had received more graduate job applications during this recruitment season, compared to last year. So, graduates are out there and excited to apply.

2. Fill challenging roles

Some graduate roles may not be getting the spotlight they deserve, career fairs are the perfect opportunity to showcase this role to a new audience. Get the chance to speak to candidates that you may not have considered or who may not have seen the role.


3. Opportunity to network and gain industry insights

Career fairs are beneficial for both you as an employer and for the students that attend. Take advantage of the opportunity to observe how others promote themselves and network with employers from various sectors and locations who are all together in one spot.


4. Engaged audience and passive candidates

Meeting with candidates in person is a great way to create connections and grow an engaged audience. The students that attend are interested in talking and viewing all the employment opportunities so you get the chance to foster interesting discussions that could evolve into more.

Even if you are not actively recruiting, career fairs can be a great opportunity to meet candidates for the future. There will be students there who aren’t actively looking for an upcoming role but making a connection with them now can lead to them thinking of your company in a few years.


5. Brand awareness

Career fairs offer a unique opportunity to showcase your company’s mission, values, and opportunities, helping you stand out as an employer of choice. All students love good merchandise so take the opportunity to have some fun with it and you may end up on their keyrings for the rest of the year.


An extra reason to use career fairs this academic year:

6. We can do it for you!

Twice a year we travel to career fairs across the UK and connect with hundreds of students and graduates to promote internships, placements, and graduate roles. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your next job hunt.

08-09-2023Nora Blackie

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